Body Treatment at Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort

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Enjoy a massage experience at Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort’s Eforea Spa…



Soft Exfoliation
A quick but efficient body polish with self-dissolving coffee powder to slough away dead skin cells and soften the skin for a pitch perfect sun tan.

Deep Exfoliation
After a deep exfoliation with a luxurious locally extracted salt, your skin is ready for a relaxing massage using the moisturizing and healing benefits of body butter. Rediscover a skin that is smooth and soft to the touch.

Sun Kissed Hydration. After Sun with Aloe Vera
Repair and hydrate sunburned skin using the natural healing and cooling properties of a body mask with Aloe Vera gel. While we let the wrap work, enjoy a special head massage that will take you to a deep relaxation state.

Detoxifying with Green Clay
Rejuvenate with this body wrap, it is the kick-start of the detoxifying process. This treatment has many other benefits including reducing water retention, increasing metabolism and toning the skin. We will start by wrapping you in green clay from Boa Vista island and massage your head while the clay works. Then, after an invigorating shower, we will gentle massage the body lotion for a full skin recovery.

Energizing with Chocolate
The richness of the Cocoa bean, full of antioxidants, will protect your skin cells from short and long-term damage caused by free radicals. A very hydrating and energizing wrap. After removing the wrap under our rainwater shower, your skin will be glowing and a nourishing cream will be massaged into your body to soften and condition your skin. Enjoy the special designed head massage while the chocolate nourishes your skin.

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Body Scrub: Soft Exfoliation (25mins) – £65.00, Body Scrub: Deep Exfoliation (50mins) – £95.00, Body Wrap: Sun Kissed Hydration. After Sun with Aloe Vera (50mins) – £95.00, Body wrap: Detoxifying with Green Clay (50mins) – £95.00, Body wrap: Energizing with Chocolate (50mins) – £95.00


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