80min Massage at Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort

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Enjoy a massage experience at Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort’s Eforea Spa…



Hot Stones
Full body balancing and restorative massage with warm stones to melt away your aches and pains focusing on your back, neck and shoulders. It´s a masterful ballet of warmth and expert hands, offering a unique and absolute sensorial experience.

Tension Release Massage
Perfect for the sports enthusiast, this deep‐tissue massage alleviates muscle soreness, aches, and pains using specific techniques.

Afrique Aroma (Aromatherapy)
Choose your blend of essential oils and relax into a gentle massage using nurturing long strokes. Our therapist will set with you the exact pressure of the strokes. So it is a highly personalized treatment.

Detoxification - Baobab Pinda Massage
A detoxing massage is performed with heated pindas of baobab seeds & spices. This micro massage with seeds and the lymphatic drainage movements will increase blood flow and drain lymph, helping to eliminate toxins.

Immune Booster in Dream Crystal Bed
Bring balance and harmony to both body and mind in this full body massage with crystal balls performed in our Dream Crystal Bed. This unique treatment helps to restore the body’s natural frequency.

Sleep Improvement in Dream Crystal Bed
Feel your troubled muscles unwind with this combination of techniques concentrated on your back and continuing with a shoulder and neck massage to release stress and tension. This is the gentlest massage in our repertoire, soft as silk and designed for those who want the ultimate relaxation treatment.

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Hot Stones (80mins) – £135.00, Tension Release Massage (80mins) – £135.00, Afrique Aroma (Aromatherapy) (80mins) – £135.00, Detoxification – Baobab Pinda Massage (80mins) – £135.00, Immune Booster in Dream Crystal Bed (80mins) – £135.00, Sleep Improvement in Dream Crystal Bed (80mins) – £135.00


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